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Art of Startup Entrepreneurship


Art of Startup Entrepreneurship

Ron Mahenur is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, National ICT Awards Winner, Information Technologist, Entrepreneurship and Startup Activist. He is currently serving as the Founder & CEO at Uddoktagiri ( - A digital startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship platform which mission is to empower entrepreneurs with other stakeholders by connecting the dots and creating opportunities for a better socio-economic environment and vision is to make an Unemployment, Poverty and Hunger free world.)

Course Outline:

  • Startups A,B,C,D
  • Startup Essentials Before Start:
  • From idea to Startup:
  • Startup Development Strategies:
  • Startup Growth Hacks:


  • Startup Mindset
  • Computer with Internet
  • Basic knowledge of computer


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Ron Mahenur

Founder and CEO @ Uddoktagiri, National ICT Awards Winner, ICT Division Recognized Innovation, BASIS Certified Top 3 Startup